The “Beyond Laser” method
Non Thermal Vein Ablation

Clarivein is the latest minimally invasive technique used to treat varicose veins. It is even less invasive than Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) and it is more effective than ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy.

Pioneered in the USA, this method sees effective results with many positive benefits. Unlike ELVT, the method is non thermal (without heat), so there is no possibility for nerve damage. Aside from a very small prick in the skin to insert a rotating catheter, there is no pain and very minimal patient discomfort. As the rotating catheter is pulled, the sclerosant drug is sprayed effectively and the defective vein will collapse from the solution. This is the most high end treatment available and already has high patient comfort and acceptance.

clavThis new device is actually a hybrid treatment utilizing endovenous treatment (inside the vein), as is done with the radiofrequency and laser devices, and chemical ablation. It also employs a new approach, that of mechanical ablation, hence the term mechanochemical ablation.


The mechanochemical (Clarivein) ablation has several advantages including the following:


  • Minimal discomfort and no need for local anesthesia
  • No need for tumescent anesthesia that requires multiple injections of fluid along the course of the treated vein
  • Short procedure time
  • No chance of injury to adjacent nerves.

The Clarivein catheter is inserted into the vein with ultrasound guidance. After words a wire is deployed at the tip of the motorized catheter. When it’s withdrawn from the vein, the motor is activated and the chemical sclerosant is injected into the vein where the mechanical spinning is occurring. This process disrupts the lining of the vein and the result is rapid closure of the treated vein. Like all available treatments, the vein disappears over time.

Clarivein is the next step in the evolution of venous insufficiency treatments!